Computer Training/Classes

Public classes. Individualized tutoring. Customized training. We can package the content to meet your need

All of our training options use our unique training philosophy, the CDP method. After laying a framework of understanding, we gently and patiently guide you from what is known and from current skills to discover hidden features of the computer's software. Then the new skill is practiced. Now you are armed with confidence and are more likely to remember or be able to figure out how to do the skill at a later date.

Computer Training/Classes

Public classes. 

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These are classes we have done in the past and could deliver as a customized class at your location or provide tutoring for individuals. (Click on the class to see more information about the class.)

Microsoft Excel training
Microsoft Word training
Microsoft PowerPoint training
Microsoft Publisher training
Microsoft Outlook training
Microsoft Teams training
Google My Business training
Create a Small Business Website
Basic computer skills training
Basic internet & email training
Basics of Windows 10 training
Protect yourself from ransomware
Computer Backup
Maintain performance and security
iPad Essentials
Photo Editing
Expand your Windows 10 skills
Using Your Computer for Bible Study
Protect your home/business computers from cyberattacks
Customized Training
Classes designed to meet the needs of you and your staff

The Benefits

Depending on your circumstances, customized classes may meet your needs better that public classes or tutoring could. Training can be done on location to eliminate the expense of travel time for your staff.

We'd love to sit down with you and discuss what is best for your organization.

Contact us to schedule a time to talk.

How it Works
  • First, we assess what computer skills your staffs need to be productive.

  • Second, we evaluate the skills your staff already has.

  • Third, we design training to bridge the gap.

  • Finally, you enjoy a new level of productivity and staff satisfaction.


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Flexible. Simple. Solutions.
Business Solutions
Solutions for Individuals
Flexible. Simple. Solutions.
Solutions for Individuals
Business Solutions

Let us partner with you to maximize your staff's potential and to increase productivity. We can help make sure they know how to do what they need to do on the computer and to do it in the easiest way possible.

We can meet with your staff one-on-one to solve those pesky computer frustrations that eat up too much time. Or we can systematically walk them through a topic, giving them confidence in their responsibilities.

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One-on-one training could help you land that new job or earn a promotion. Or maybe you want to sharpen your skills to finish your computer projects more quickly and with less frustration.

Call us for help! We can meet in person if you live in our area or we can meet online. Either way, more productivity is just around the corner. 

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