How Much Ransom Would You Pay?

How much ransom would you be willing to pay? You may be wondering why a computer guy like me is talking about paying a ransom. Here’s why. Thieves are finding ways to “kidnap” computer data, encrypt files, and lock up computers. But you can learn how to prevent it happening to you. Take our new class:

Protect Yourself from Ransomware Wednesday, March 22, 10:30 am-noon OR Thursday, April 27, 6:30-8 pm Register/see more details

We have another new class that will help you save money by learning to perform your own computer maintenance. Learn my tips and tricks to get (and keep) your machine running at peak performance.

Maintain Your Computer’s Performance & Security Thursday, March 30, 6:30-8 pm Register/see more details

Besides these two new offerings, we have classes scheduled about Excel, Word, and basic computers. Check out our Spring Schedule for more information or to register. We’d love to help you become more confident and productive in your computer work.

#ransomware #computerclasses #computerperformance

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