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You have probably heard of the massive email hack of a billion accounts at Yahoo that was announced this week. If you have a Yahoo email address and got a notice from Yahoo that your account was at risk you should do what they suggest.

But this problem also raises concerns for other email accounts that are associated with Yahoo such as and If you have one of these other email accounts that uses Yahoo’s servers, you should change your password for them even if you did not get a notice from Yahoo. If you have used your Yahoo-related email address as the login account at a different website, you should also change the password at that website. Additionally, you should change your security questions and answers at Yahoo and at any other site where you used the same information.

Some security experts suggest changing from Yahoo to another email provider. Right now, I am primarily using Gmail and Microsoft for email. If you feel it is too much trouble to change your email, you should make sure you do all the suggestions above and be very careful about suspicious emails that are sent to your Yahoo account.

I have included some helpful links on these issues below and a short tutorial on how to change your password. If you still have questions or need some help with this problem, give me a call at 269-428-7226.

Login into your account, then put your cursor on your name, in the box that opens click on “account info”

On the next screen click on “Change Your Password”

If this is an ATT account your will get redirected to another page and must put in your old password again, then you will get a form where you can change your password and put in new security questions and answers.

After you change your passwords and security questions, it would be good to go back to and click on the link “Update password-reset info” to make sure you have a way to recover your new password if you forget it in the future.

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